What’s Ender’s game?

320px-Orson_Scott_Card_at_BYU_Symposium_20080216_closeupMost people who read speculative fiction have an opinion about Orson Scott Card, one way or another. With the upcoming film adaption of his Hugo- and Nebula-award-winning novel Ender’s Game, debate has reached a fever pitch. Some argue that Card’s personal politics should inform a boycott of the movie. Some would like to believe that we can somehow divorce the writer from his books. As someone who has read the book a few times over the years, I’ve gradually come to question what its core message really is. Does the end of Ender’s Game really salvage the rest of the book? Or is it really just a patch on what is essentially persecuted-geek porn? I’m not really sure what the answer is, but I’ll check out the movie, assuming it gets decent reviews — and judge it on its own merits.

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