Let the best words win

youwinSo I entered the 2013 YA Discovery Contest. It’s designed to support Nanawrimo, and so it’s intentionally easy to do. You don’t need a query, pitch, or witty bio. Just submit the first 250 words of your novel and the title. That’s it. Well, and $15. I’ve been a little leery of contests with fees in the past, and since this one doesn’t pay, I wasn’t sure. But there are few contests for unpublished YA manuscripts, and the prizes in this case — a pitch session with an established agent, a free writing course, exposure to several editors — seem to be worth the price of admission.

Not all contests are on the up-and-up, however. For information on what to avoid, check out this blog post from mystery writer C. Hope Clark about contest red flags.

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  1. Good luck on the contest! Thanks for the useful information, as always.

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