threads2.cvrOn Sunday, I went to the book release party for Joyce Allen’s new YA novel, The Threads of Earth. Back in early fall, I had the great privilege of copy editing this book for Joyce, and so I can recommend it wholeheartedly. (Also, in case you find any errors, I’m sure they were introduced in later revisions. Just kidding, Joyce!)

It was the least I could do. It was through one of Joyce’s private writing workshops, actually, that I met one of the members of my writing group. In addition to being a published novelist, Joyce is a longtime writing teacher, and is one those rare people who has an instinct for bringing out the best in other people’s words.

One of the great joys of reading her Threads books for me, actually, is seeing the craft of a veteran writer at work. Joyce’s writing doesn’t give the impression of concision while you’re reading, but not a word is wasted. This is a writer who has gone over every sentence, every word, in her book and made sure each is pulling its weight. I’m amazed and inspired by her work ethic.

At any rate, if you’re looking for something new, whether it’s for you or that Rick Riordan-loving 14-year-old in your life, check it out.

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