logo-smHot on the heels of Amtrak offering residencies to writers, we’ve got a writing conference hosted by … Twitter. Using the #TwitterFiction handle for promotion, the conference actually had a real, live (!) component yesterday, with readings by several writers. The virtual conference continues through March 16, with fiction by several authors published on Twitter.

I’m not inclined to read my fiction on Twitter, though I find the concept intriguing. I suspect the reason this event has attracted the heavy-hitter sponsorship from Penguin Random House and AAP is that these organizations see the value of Twitter for book marketing.

As many writers already know, Twitter can be a great way to reach your audience. The festival’s About page suggests a few ideas for writing Twitter fiction, but to me the most compelling one is to tweet in character. How fun would that be? Many writers have fun tweeting in character even if they don’t have a book to sell (e.g., GRAMMARHULK).

Aside from marketing, let’s not forget Twitter’s value as a news source for writers. I follow people — like agents and editors — who often post information about new markets. Which, when you’re an unpublished fiction writer like me, is just the kind of tweet you need.

If you do check out #TwitterFiction, let me know how it was and what you got out of it.

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  1. Interesting, Chris. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think it would be fun to tweet in character!

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