The celebrity treatment

Camera operator” by jsawkins licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Yesterday I did a video interview about my writing, just like I was some kind of famous novelist. My writing group colleague Tyler Johnson, who is also an accomplished filmmaker, is working on a documentary project that involves interviewing local poets and writers.

I knew talking to Tyler would be easy. What I didn’t count on was a roomful of AV equipment: tripods, big lights, the camera, a large microphone, and an audio recorder. And all of it was focused on one empty chair. Suddenly I wasn’t so comfortable anymore.

However, once we got rolling, it got a lot easier. Tyler had a few helpful tips:

  • Answer in complete sentences, repeating the question. This helps with editing because the question won’t have to come right before your answer.
  • Pause for a moment before answering. Once again, this is helpful during the editing process. That little bit of silence (and video space) gives the producer an easy place to make a cut. A secondary benefit is that it gives you a moment to think about your response.
  • Take breaks. Have a sip of water. Take deep breaths. (That last one is from me.)

I’m sure all this will come in really handy when I make those national TV appearances. Until then, though, I’ll have some cool clips of me talking about my writing, which will come in handy for marketing down the road. In a few months, after production is finished, I’ll post one here.

If you’ve had any experience doing an interview — audio or video — I’d love to hear about it.

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