The Brothers’ Keepers book release!

Book-Cover-199x300I’m quite pleased that today is the publication day for The Brothers’ Keepers, a thriller by friend and writing group colleague Matthew Peters. Matthew’s book was released today by MuseItUp Publishing, and is available from Amazon and other fine retailers in print and electronic formats.

Here’s my review:

Dan Brown wishes he wrote this book. From a shocking confessional booth murder in Washington, DC, to a life-or-death struggle in the mountains of Afghanistan, The Brothers’ Keepers by Matthew Peters is a contemporary thriller that grabs you from page 1 and won’t let go. When an old friend asks Nicholas Branson, a Jesuit scholar, for help with a devilish theological puzzle connected with a murder case, he knows he has to help. But as Branson gets closer to the answers he seeks, he finds that many want the truth — and will pay any price to get it. Branson must grapple with his past, solve ancient mysteries, elude assassins, and contend with his own conscience as he races to uncover a secret that could bring down the very foundations of Western civilization. Author Matthew Peters impresses with intelligent writing, meticulous research, and perfect pacing. If The Brothers’ Keepers is any indication, readers will be counting the days until Nick Branson’s next adventure.

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  1. Thanks, Chris, for highlighting the book, and for your excellent review. Actually, The Brothers’ Keepers is not yet available in print, but should be soon.

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