Writing goals for 2015, procrastination edition

Everybody needs goals. Final Goal” by Martin English is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Yes, I know everyone else did this, um, four months ago. But better late than never. Let’s just pretend I had goals, but they were secret goals. So I’m sharing my secrets with you. You must be very special.

  • Blogging. I’ve been going back and forth on how committed I want to be about blogging. After reading Self-Printed by Catherine Ryan Howard, though, I feel a renewed sense of blogging purpose. I’m shooting for once a week, publishing here every Wednesday. And I also want to engage with bloggers I like on their blogs, so I’m shooting for at least one comment a week too.
  • Go to a conference. I’ve attended the SCBWI Carolinas fall conference for several years, but this year the conference weekend falls on my son’s birthday, so I plan to skip it. I’d still like to do a conference, but I have no ideas. Suggestions welcome!
  • Take a class. I loved the one-day class I did with middle-grade writer John Bemis last year. Now I need to find another one.
  • Do a writing residency. I got rejected by one and applied for another. Keep your fingers crossed.
  • Finish revisions of WIP 1. I’m almost done with the current revision. I can already see the need for more.
  • Send out queries for WIP 1. Needless to say, not going to happen until this revision is done. Or maybe the revision after that. But this year, mos def.
  • Finish outline for WIP 2. I’d love to start drafting my next book this year. But first I need an outline. Because that’s how I roll.

Do you have any good writing goals that are different than mine? I’d love to hear about them.

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