Plot chart: Acts II, III, and IV

As you know if you’re one of the two or three people who read this blog, I’ve been overly obsessed with plot charting. During my recent residency at the Weymouth Center (another post on that soon, I promise), I got a chance to finish my plot chart for my WIP and start on my third round of revision.

So that you can see the evolution of this monster, I thought it might be fun to post some pictures. Here’s the display board I bought right after I used electrical tape to split it into four acts (each with two parts). That piece of paper is my own amalgamation of notes from various things I’ve read about plot charting.

2015-07-21 20.02.29This next one shows the chart with all of my scenes organized into the four acts. I could tell just from this exercise that I needed more scenes in Act I, and probably would have to combine and cut in acts II and III (the middle, cluttered bit).

2015-07-21 20.09.04In this next picture you can see signs of actual progress. Plus office supplies. Have I mentioned how much I love office supplies? At any rate, the orange cards are for completely new scenes. I began to add sticky notes to remind myself of different elements that needed to be included in different parts of the story.

2015-08-10 19.44.45And here’s the final product, which has taken over a bed in my room at Weymouth. As you can see, the scenes are much more evenly distributed. I’ve got several new ones to write, some to cut, and others to combine. But the exciting thing about it is that I have this wonderful, visual plan.

2015-08-18 19.43.05Time to start typing!

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  1. Good pictures, Chris. I think all the preplanning helps when the typing starts!

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