Pitch Wars report

PitchWars-Logo-300x179So I did Pitch Wars for the first time ever. No, none of the mentors picked me. Not only that, I didn’t even get a request for a full MS. Or a partial. Heck, not even a synopsis.

So it goes.

After taking a couple days to mope, I’ve been reflecting on my experience. Even though I didn’t get a mentor, I am grateful for several things:

  • I met a lot of great writers on Twitter.
  • I got a lot of good advice about writing.
  • I polished my query letter.
  • I wrote a synopsis.
  • I polished my MS, especially my first chapter.

Plus two of the mentors I submitted to are offering a free critique of queries and first pages. So I’m hoping I’ll get some insight into why they didn’t select me, and how I can improve before I start submitting to agents. The critique will be publicly posted, so I’ll follow up here once that happens (mid-October, looks like).

I’d like to especially thank Lisa Leoni, who compiled all the mentors’ tweets with writing advice on her blog. What a great resource!

So now what? As mentor Michael Mammay wrote in one recent post, there are basically three choices: query anyway, write a better book, or rewrite your book. After going through a lot of revision on ARCANUM, I don’t think I want to rewrite unless there’s a good reason (i.e., professional editorial feedback). My hunch is that my query needs a lot of improvement, and I’m working on that now.

So what am I going to do? Revise my query and start submitting to agents. And at the same time, start a new project. I’ve already been doing a lot of thinking about that, and I have a lot of ideas. All I can tell  you is that it’s going to be YA. And it’s going to be creepy.

And it’s going to be better — in part, thanks to Pitch Wars.

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  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get a mentor, but it sounds like you’ve learned a lot. Your manuscript is so strong, that it’s hard to imagine it not getting picked up. I think it’s a great idea to start on a new project. It really does help you move on from the previous one. All the best.

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