Solstice gratitude

I keep saying it, and I also keep hearing it: 2016 sucked. We had a bitterly fought, divisive presidential election here in the US. People keep shooting each other, and even bombed hospitals in war zones.

When things get ugly in the real world, many of us turn to music. But then David Bowie died, right after releasing a brilliant, yet heartbreaking, final album. And next we lost Prince.

So it goes.

But today’s the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere of our blue planet, the shortest day of the year, and a good day to remind myself that the light will come back. So on this day, I’m focusing on the positives: family and friends, safety, food and shelter. Oh, and one loyal, though occasionally grumpy, dog.


Happy solstice, everyone, and best wishes for abundant peace in the coming year.

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  1. Happy Winter Solstice to you, my friend.

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