Podcasts for writers

podcastSo I’ve been listening to podcasts. Would you like to know which ones?

The Bestseller Experiment is a completely insane attempt by two Brits (one living in Canada) to write and market a best-selling novel in 52 weeks. It’s worth it for the interviews alone. My favorite so far is horror writer Joe Hill.

The Allusionist, hosted by Helen Zaltzman, is all about words: their many meanings, origins, and connotations. Zaltzman has a great sense of humor, and doesn’t shy away from language that might make some squirm.

Kidlit Drink Night discusses topics in children’s literature, from picture books to YA, accompanied by truly hideous drink recipes (red wine hot chocolate? Ick!). Listening to this one allows me to pretend that I have amazingly cool friends who invite me over for stimulating conversation and mixed drinks.

I’ve also been listening to Imaginary Worlds by Eric Molinsky, which focuses on speculative fiction. Recent episodes have included discussions about Will Eisner and black cosplayers.

Got any recommendations? Leave them in the comments. And happy listening.

Photo credit: Podcast by Nick Youngson under CC BY 3.0.
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