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The best fiction for writers

My friend (and fellow writer) Cornelia Dolian challenged me to come up with a list of the  10 most important works of fiction for writers. Well, she claims to be my friend, but anyone who gives out an assignment like this … Continue reading

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Writing craft and heroes

As I continue revising my WIP, I’ve been reading a lot of books on plot and craft. Some focus on the story logic of Hollywood movies, like Save the Cat by Blake Snyder or Screenwriting Tricks for Authors by Alexandra … Continue reading

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Podcasts for writers

So I’ve been listening to podcasts. Would you like to know which ones? The Bestseller Experiment is a completely insane attempt by two Brits (one living in Canada) to write and market a best-selling novel in 52 weeks. It’s worth … Continue reading

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New Year’s resolution: No Sarlacc pits

This was going to be one of those super-positive, energetic, hopeful New Year’s resolutions posts. I was going to review what I accomplished last year (or what I didn’t accomplish), then set out some ambitious, inspiring goals for 2017. Right … Continue reading

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Solstice gratitude

I keep saying it, and I also keep hearing it: 2016 sucked. We had a bitterly fought, divisive presidential election here in the US. People keep shooting each other, and even bombed hospitals in war zones. When things get ugly … Continue reading

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