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Pitch Wars report

So I did Pitch Wars for the first time ever. No, none of the mentors picked me. Not only that, I didn’t even get a request for a full MS. Or a partial. Heck, not even a synopsis. So it … Continue reading

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Book review: The Brothers’ Keepers

I’m quite pleased that Melange Press recently published The Brothers’ Keepers, a thriller by my friend Matthew Peters. Matthew’s book is available from Amazon and other fine retailers in print and electronic formats. Look for the sequel to come out … Continue reading

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#PimpMyBio for Pitch Wars

What is this? I’m participating in a writing contest called Pitch Wars this year. Learn more about Pitch Wars. Or read another post. Or if this is all too traumatizing, watch a happy otter video. The idea of the #PimpMyBio … Continue reading

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Action report: #PitMad

Last week I participated in my first #PitMad. For the uninitiated, #PitMad (Pitch Madness) is a Twitter pitch party started by Brenda Drake in which writers of all genres pitch their finished manuscripts in 140 characters or less. The next … Continue reading

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My writing group died, and that’s OK

I used to have a link at the top of this page for my writing group — but now it’s gone. And so is my writing group. But I’m not in mourning anymore. In fact, I’m looking forward to not … Continue reading

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