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Comfort food

I recently had a family medical emergency that kept me at the hospital 12 hours a day, and sometimes more, for two weeks. Things turned out well, but nonetheless it was a grueling experience from which I’m still recovering. Sleep … Continue reading

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‘The house tried to save itself’

I’ve been thinking a lot about Ray Bradbury’s house the last few days. The historic 1930s Los Angeles home in which the writer spent his last 50 years was recently demolished to make way for a new house. I’m not … Continue reading

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I received a newsletter today from a writer friend who has had a tough year. I’m glad I read it, though, because it made me think that my own life is not so bad. This is important for me to … Continue reading

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Robin Williams

I had a dream about the end of the world last night. The details aren’t important, but as is usual with dreams, I think my subconscious was responding to real-world anxieties. And we’ve got plenty to worry about, haven’t we? … Continue reading

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That mockingbird will sing

While I was at work today, I took a break to walk over to another building to get some decent coffee. It was late enough so that most people had already arrived and were snugly ensconced in their offices, so … Continue reading

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