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Why the Scalzi deal is good for everyone

On May 24 Tor Books announced a 10-year, 13-book deal with SF writer John Scalzi for a whopping $3.4 million. For a good 24 hours or so, the social web buzzed with reaction. Then the social web saw a new … Continue reading

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Stress-free self-publishing

I’ve been following Catherine Ryan Howard’s blog for some time now, not only for all the great advice on self-publishing, but also her entertaining and light-hearted tone. For a long time the blog was called Catherine, Caffeinated, but she seems … Continue reading

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Giving it away

So Tim Kreider published this great piece in the New York Times about writing for free (short version: Don’t). But, oh, it’s tempting, isn’t it? You want to break in, you want exposure, you want the excitement of seeing your … Continue reading

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